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CPO for Pool Operators

The Certified Pool & Spa Operator® (CPO®) certification program is the world’s leading education and certification program for keeping pools safer and keeping them open. Over 500,000 students have been trained since 1973.

CPO certification provides individuals with the knowledge, techniques, and skills required for proper pool operations. This course is available as both a blended training program or completely virtual (completely online), and is also eligible for IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Trade Skill Education

Automation System Training

Pools Have Become More Complex. Most pools with attached spa’s will be controlled by an internet connected automation system that can allow the pool equipment to be interacted with from any internet connected device.

There are a number of brands and models each with their own installation and setup procedures. In this training course we will cover normal use and a teardown of each system as well as a walkthrough of common setup procedures for each of the most common units. Essential information for pool company owners ESPECIALLY if you have the ability to install these systems.

Introduction to Chemical Controller Feeder Systems

Commercial spas and many commercial pools utilize chemical feeder pumps often controlled by a chemical controller system to initialize the chem feeder systems.

In this discussion we cover various types of these systems and how to set them up and troubleshoot them.

Introduction to Pool Troubleshooting

Diagnostics of pool equipment troubles is a game of logic and deduction that requires a person to understand what each and every piece of pool equipment does, and how it does it in order to track down a potential problem. This course is an excellent starting point for pool repair techinican training.

Introduction to Leak Detection

Leak detection is a nuanced and sometimes complex task. This course will review leak detection concepts and methods, and will discuss various tools of the trade and where to aquire them.

Become a Pool Contractor

Learn more about the requirements to become a pool contractor and find resources to help you pass the exam(s).

Business Software Training

PaySimple is a very straightforward monthly auto billing software that is an excellent fit for pool businesses. It can easily be configured to auto-draft credit cards or ACH on a regular scheduled basis. Additionally it has the ability to easily build a web-store or integrate into your website.

Features include: Service Point of Sale, Payment Forms & Online Store, Appointment Scheduling, credit card and e-check processing, Recurring Billing, Mobile Payments, Secure Customer Management, e-Invoicing, cash flow reporting.

Skimmer is becoming the go-to pool cleaning route management application. Available on both android and Apple devices, with a desktop interface for more robust route arrangements and managements. 

Skimmer provides customers with timestamped emails with photos of their pools taken at the time of completion by the cleaning technician. When configured properly Skimmer can enable clients and pool professionals to have accurate readings of the tested water AND can add some clarity to your technicians in understanding the dosages of chemicals to use and the workflow they are to take when on a client’s property. 


A Customer Management Software (CRM) with a focus on the trades / construction.

This very user friendly software enables a person to keep track of all customers, store images of their property, write, and send quotes and invoices from any mobile device and collect credit/debit card payments via email, SMS, or over the phone.

With some great reporting features this software can be used to help monitor your companies cash flows as well as enable you to track schedules for all of your repair technicians. 

Business Administration Training

Marketing & Sales Discussion 

For the absolute beginner, business marketing basics goes over concepts explaining basic marketing concepts and how the different types of physical and digital marketing tools should be managed to make a clear workflow for your automatic in-bound call marketing efforts. Covers: websites, social media, print ads, and vehicle wraps.

Introduction to Bookkeeping

For the absolute beginner, business accounting basics goes over key concepts from the State of Florida contractors book: “The Builders Guide to Accounting”. It also covers some key topics on accounting software and common pitfalls pool companies encounter and how to avoid them. 

Trucks & Pool Equipment Issues

Pool trucks are one of the largest expenses for this business and if not prepared and managed properly they will DISINTEGRATE due to the corrosive qualities of pool chemicals and the constant use they are subject to. Learn how to prepare and manage your pool truck to ensure it will last.

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Get CPO Certification

Getting CPO certified is an important step for professionals who manage pools as part of their work and career. Learn how CPO certification can help your team.

Marketing Services

With years of experience and training we can build and manage your company’s branding, website and online advertising in cost effective ways that make sense.

Accounting Services

Bench Accounting is an online accounting service for small businesses that helps them manage this function remotely. Get your books organized with Bench’s services today.

Consulting Services

Businesses in this industry often have similar challenges. We’ve been there before so you don’t have to. We are happy to help you solve organizational challenges.

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Speak with a licensed loan officer about securing business financing to fund your operation.