Get Support Services for Your Business

Get the help you need to scale your business

Scalable, On-Demand Help

We have aggregated a combination of in-house experts and our network of 3rd party business support service provider vendors here in this “portal to experts” to help provide a centralized resource to common items small businesses need. 

Once plugged into these vendors tasks can be as a-la-carte as possible. Packages that are a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes from small startups, to large operations.

Marketing Services

With years of experience and training, our in-house marketing experts can create, and manage your company’s branding, marketing materials, website, and advertising both online and offline in cost effective ways that work.

Insurance Agent

Insurance can be an important component of managing business risk. Speak to a 3rd party licensed insurance agent to understand your best coverage options and manage your policies.

Accounting Services

Bench Accounting is an online accounting service that helps manage this function remotely through robust online tools and assistants you can speak with to help manage your accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

Business Financing

Finding business financing for purchasing a business or for expanding a current business can be a key component for the success of an organization. Speak with a credentialed loan officer to discuss your options and need.

Virtual Assistant Office Help

Do you need help answering phones, or scheduling repair work? Do you just not have enough time in the day to get an office task completed? Do you need help sending emails, making phone calls, sitting on hold with a 3rd party to deal with a business issue because to them its always a “higher than average call volume”? We can help.

Business Software Setup

Many industries have specialized software built for common business needs. However they almost always require a noticable amount of setup and configuration.

We can help you make some informed choices in which products to use and train you in how to use them and even can handle some of the setup and onboarding tasks for you.

This package is IDEAL for people who may have some anxiety around technology.

Individualized Consulting

Not sure where to start? Have a specific question or sticking point that isn’t easily categorizable? Need help drafting a business plan or understanding a specific about the industry? We can discuss your specific sticking points and talk you through them.

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