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We are a State of Florida licensed business brokerage organization that specializes in the swimming pool industry.

As pool professionals who have bought, operated, scaled, and then sold pool businesses for profit, we feel we are uniquely qualified to help others follow a path of entrepreneurship in the swimming pool industry.


The Pool Industry Is a Great Space for Entrepreneurship

Whether you are coming from a corporate environment, government jobs, or if you have worked in the trades in the past, a career in the pool industry can be a great option. The demand is constant, and “old-school” competition often leaves a lot of room for improvement, making way for a great industry opportunity for focused, intelligent, and hardworking entrepreneurs. It is very possible for a person who is willing to put the the work to rapidly grow a pool service business once they have all of their processes figured out.

For many, entrepreneurship in the pool business has a strong appeal: reliable, stable demand/income in an industry that is nearly completely immune to corporate or economic dysfunction.

Pool Service is in CONSTANT DEMAND

Every pool needs to be maintained, every week. ESPECIALLY in high heat climates. Even assertive DIY homeowners can’t do it all themselves, and nearly every homeowner doesn’t want to do it themselves. Those with means are HAPPY to pay a professional to manage their pool for them. Many people who own multiple homes are required to employ professionals to manage their properties. In popular vacation communities the services of a good, trustworthy pool business are highly sought after with room for extra’s if concierge service is understood and provided. 

Commercial entities absolutely cannot keep up with the demand that is placed on their pools and spas, creating a constant need for professional services. The pool business presents a permanent work opportunity, in an enjoyable field that has room to grow for a persons entire career.

As long as there are pools, there will be pool maintenance companies. The challenge isn’t whether you will have work in maintenence, the challenge is how are you going to get it all done.   

Erick Bravo

There are Multiple ways to make $$$ in the Pool Business

Diversification of Revenue Streams

For many in the industry, performing weekly pool service is just the beginning: the pool industry has complexity and variety. Getting licensed as a contractor allows one to expand into residential pool repairs, renovations, and even building. Performing small equipment repairs and installations is an extremely common way for a pool service company to add additional income.

Scaling UP

Or, one can focus on managing multiple routes and the technicians who service them and simply scale their operations within that niche’. Both are popular readily available options. But one thing is clear: it’s much easier to sell to a client you already have.

Pool Cleaning Routes

Many people begin with one route and one truck, and once they have the right amount of experience to manage that well, they will scale up to multiple trucks/routes. Growth comes fast for well organized companies in this space. 

Equipment Repairs

Equipment repairs & replacements are a regular income source for pool service companies once they have their proper contracting licensure. Income from these sources can be as lucrative if not more than weekly service income from a whole route. Making it worth the effort to get properly trained and licensed to do repairs and installations. 

Renovations & New Builds

Pool renovations can be a large money-making enterprise especially for companies that make a unique product with an artistic twist that only they have though to do. But many many homeowners also want a more basic restoration. Having a number of captive clients is a very common way to generate revenues from the sale of these specialty installations.

What are Common Startup Costs?

Startup costs vary on a case by case basis, and usually are limited by the size of the business you are comfortable running and the amount of start-up capital one can come to the table with. But “routes” sell in quantities both large and small from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars for larger scale operations. 

Common Startup Costs Include:

  • The purchase price of the business or route
  • Any additional equipment not sold with the enterprise
  • Owner or new staff training
  • Licensure costs
  • Advertising or marketing expenses
  • Runway money to pay expenses until the business produces income

Research Financing Options

Not everyone who comes to the pool business has cash in hand to build or buy a turnkey business. But that does not mean that they don’t have options. One can always speak with a loan officer who specializes in small business and startup business loans. Options exist. Speak to a licensed loan officer who specializes in business loans to learn more about your specific opportunities and what you need to do to get things in order to proceed. The organization: “Finance Agents” is one such loan originating company that has packages available for small and startup business loans.

What Skills Are Required to Get Started?


We recommend that every person who is just starting out immediately take the Commercial Pool Operator (CPO) course. It provides great instruction on pool chemical use, and a basic overview of some common equipment. Then as you continue down the path there are other courses and certifications available to increase your knowledge which can enable you to offer new services and add revenue streams. Some accredited courses provide components of work requirements that can count towards meeting state requirements for a contractors license. Having a relevant pool contractors license should be a goal on the table for all career-minded pool company owners as it will help improve earning potential in this industry.

One very successful business plan in this sector is to have multiple full routes or trucks on the road cleaning 70 ish plus clients each and also have an owner with a contractors license offer repairs to those captive clients.

    • Basic trade skills

    • Basic sales knowledge

    • Basic bookkeeping abilities

    • Know how to use a smartphone

How much Income does, or can a Pool Company Make?

Many millionaires have been made in the pool industry. A very common point of entry into the pool business is through a cleaning company. This is because the skills required to get started are low, the demand is constantly high, and the experience one gains doing these tasks will help teach things needed for other aspects of the pool industry. An obvious next step is to get a Certified Pool Contractor’s License, or a Certified Pool Builder’s License which creates new income opportunities from existing clients from repair work.

Gaining trade skills in this industry and understanding the specific skills gaps that exist in your community will inform you about what side of the market will be the best possible way to maximize your income. Other aspects of the pool business include: resurfacing, deck concrete work, paver installation, full-renovations, pool building, pool design, and of course business support services. There are also niche’ business that perform specific services for fountains both public and private. But for our examples below we will use 3 common tiers of new-ish pool servicing businesses, some with only weekly service and some with repair work as well. 

Scenario 1:

  • 1 truck
  • 1 full-time service employees
  • 75 weekly clients
  • $170 per month/client

Monthly Gross Revenues

Regular Service = $12,750

Annual Gross Revenues

Regular Service = $153,000

Scenario 2:

  • 3 trucks
  • 3 full-time service employees
  • 1 part-time floater
  • 80 weekly clients per truck
  • 240 clients @ $170 per month

Monthly Gross Revenues

Regular Service = $40,800

Annual Gross Revenues

Regular Service Income – $489,600

Scenario 3:

  • 3 trucks
  • 3 full-time cleaning employees 
  • 80 weekly clients per truck, 240 clients
  • $170 per month/client
  • 1 full time repair technician, 1 part-time floater

Monthly Gross Revenues

Service = $40,800
Repairs = $22,000

Subtotal = $62,800

Annual Gross Revenues

Service = $489,600
Repairs = $264,000

Annual Subtotal = $753,600

More About Financials

There is a difference between gross revenues and net income. These examples cannot be used to predict profits without inserting costs or considering seasonality of different work types and variants based on market conditions. These examples above are given to illustrate some of the income opportunity in the pool business and to illustrate common business models.

Individualized net incomes from different companies operating a business plan within each of these scenarios above is gaurenteed to vary from individual to individual based on personal preferences for specific equipment types, truck types, business support vendors and software choices, current market conditions, as well as how well one manages their assets.

While market changes cannot be predicted, the demand for professionals in this space is only increasing as more and more homes both new and old have pools installed.

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